Six Things to Keep in Mind Before Booking Your Plane Ticket and Hotel Room

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Keep those tips and tricks in mind the next time you're going away somewhere

You’ve chosen your destination and you know who’s going to come along with you. You rush to get your laptop open and book those tickets as fast as you can. But wait, did you know you can save hundreds of dollars with a few tricks when it comes to booking both your hotel and plane ticket? 


Here are seven things to keep in mind the next time you’re getting ready to make reservations for your next trip: 


1. Being flexible is key 


We all have family and work responsibilities that hold us back, but being flexible with your off days is the number one thing that will save you a lot of money. Airline tickets can vary by as much as $100-$300 within the same month, depending on how in-demand a specific flight is. Consider going on sites like Expedia and Sky Scanner to compare prices accurately. 


2. Check the hotel/airline website for discounts 



This is one trick that often goes unnoticed by travelers, but many hotels usually have deals displayed exclusively on their website to encourage people to directly book on there. If you have a specific airline in mind, consider calling their local office and asking if they have a special discount or deal going on this month. 


3. Set up a travel rewards card 



These days, it’s nearly impossible to find an airline or hotel that doesn’t offer loyalty cards or reward points for being a faithful customer. Not only do loyalty cards guarantee you’ll get a leg up on other travelers, they also offer other perks such as priority boarding, seat selection, and access to the airport lounge. 


4. Check the cancellation policy 



So you’re packed up and ready to leave but a family or work-related emergency comes up, the last thing you want in this case is to have your money gone to waste on a trip that never happened. It might cost you a few extra dollars, but always book flexible dates airline tickets and make sure to note the cancellation policy before giving them your money. 


5. Read reviews 


Not everything that glitters is gold, and that certainly applies for hotel rooms. What looks like a magical room with clean curtains and soft sheets in the photos might be the exact opposite in real life. Reviewers often leave tips and important remarks for those who haven’t yet booked, and let you in on certain details you wouldn’t have known otherwise. This also applies to airlines as well, where travelers leave reviews of rude hosts and unfair policies for other people. 


6. Sign up for price alerts 


This is just about as flexible as you can get, but if you’re a busy student who just wants to fly back home to visit your family every once in a while, it’s the perfect deal. Price alerts mean certain travel websites will email you whenever prices start to drop on a specific flight or hotel room you have in mind. 

  • Date Published: September 09, 2020
  • Written By:Razan Mneimneh