Six Ways to Make Flying During Covid-19 Safer

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The all-clear still hasn't been given on air travel, but taking precautionary measures sure does help


Summer 2020 is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to stay stuck in your dreadful city till next year. Traveling, while still considered a high-risk activity, is slowly gaining popularity again after we all collectively realized we’re going to have to coexist with the virus for a long time. 


If you’ve got the urge to pack up a suitcase and get going, it’s probably wise to hit the road to a hidden beach or mountain somewhere in your home country with a friend or family member. 


But if you’re determined to get your passport stamped this year, make sure to take all the precautionary measures necessary while on board. 


Here are 6 ways to make your journey in the air safer this year: 


1. Choose an airline that imposes testing 

Yes, you read that right. Many airlines are now forcing passengers to take the PCR test 48-72 hours pre-boarding and proving that they tested negative for carrying covid-19. This ensures that everyone on the flight doesn’t have the coronavirus and that social distancing measures can be a bit more relaxed on board. There are other, equally as important measures, like not allowing passengers to take off their face mask and boarding the flight family per family. 


2. Thoroughly disinfect your seat and tray before sitting down 


You’re going to feel embarrassed and the passengers beside you will most definitely judge you, but trust us on this, you’ll spend the entire duration of the flight moving around comfortably in your seat. Using a clorox wipe or a disinfecting spray, simply sanitize your seat head to toe, your screen, and the pull-out tray. 


3. Keep your mask on for the entire duration of the flight 


That includes those times when you’re going to the bathroom, taking a snooze, and boarding off the plane. While many experts agree that most viruses and germs don’t spread easily on flights due to air filtration, the person sitting next to you may be an asymptomatic carrier who is infecting you, so its always best to stay extra safe. 


4. Pass on the airplane food 

Probably the biggest challenge of them all, but eating the meal provided you on the airplane isn’t as safe as it sounds. Not only will you have to take your mask off, but everyone around you, including the person sitting right next to you, will be mask-free as well. Make sure to pack a couple snacks in your handbag and eat a fullfilling meal before you depart. 


5. Sanitize on the go as you go


Though it may seem challenging, you’ll have to rememeber to santize every surface you’re touching. Keep a disinfecting spray on hand especially if you’re visiting the restroom, and remember not to touch anything unless you absolutely have to. 


6. Stay socially distant 


While there is no way you can keep a safe distance from the person sitting right next to you, there are many other places, like the airport gate and the belt to pick-up your luggage, where you must stay two meters away from anyone around you. Try to be the last to get on the plane and take your time to exit when it lands; it’s all of these small things that will ensure your safety.  

  • Date Published: September 09, 2020
  • Written By:Razan Mneimneh