Traveling During COVID-19? Here are Six Precautionary Measures You Should be Taking

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The Covid-19 pandemic may have changed life as we know it forever, and it looks like a ‘new normal’ is what we’re going to have to get used to for the time being. And while many are lamenting the far gone days of travel and leisure, traveling while taking all the necessary precautions might as well be as risky as going to your local supermarket. 


If you’ve been totally consumed by wanderlust since lockdown ensued and you can’t wait to finally pull your passport out your drawer, here are six precautionary measures you should take: 


1. Book with an airline that imposes mask wearing and testing 



While some airlines are relying on flyers themselves to take precautionary measures, many others are trying their best to make flying during Covid-19 as safe as it can possibly get. 

Examples include encouraging online check-in’s and forcing passengers to wear face masks, as well as making sure all travelers test negative for holding the virus before getting in on the flight. Some airlines are even going as far as saying seats and trays are thoroughly sprayed with a substance that does not allow germs and viruses to cling to these surfaces. 

Whatever the measures being taken are , booking with an airline that is transparent about the precautionary measures they’re taking is surely better than the alternative. 

2. Disinfect as you go, wherever you go 


Getting obsessive about handwashing and touching public surfaces was once considered a form of total obsessiveness, but unfortunately it’s what you’ll have to do to make sure you don’t catch the virus while passively leaning on an airport counter. Make sure to thoroughly disinfect your airplane seat and tray before sitting down, as well as countertops and lightswitches in the hotel room. 


3. Check the hotel’s website for precautionary measures 


Making sure the hotel you book is following a set protocol when it comes to the coronavirus not only proves they are up to date with everything that’s been going on, but also puts you at ease knowing your safety and the safety of their employees matters. Many hotels are now delivering your luggage to your room after it's been thoroughly sanitized, and reducing the occupancy rate to half. 

4. Avoid Crowded Areas 


It’s most definitely easier said than done, but avoiding crowded areas is probably the single most important thing you could do to avoid contracting Covid-19. Keeping a social distance of at least two meters is highly advised considering the growing consensus that most people catch the virus when they come into close direct contact with an infected person. Always wear a mask, and make sure you have a back-up in your bag in case you accidentally drop it. 

5. Whatever you do, do not eat at an open buffet restaurant

Unless you’re being served by someone with a face mask and gloves on, one of the wisest things you could do is avoid buffets at all costs. One person with Covid-19 can infect hundreds by simply touching the instrument used to serve food. Instead, opt for a restaurant where social distancing is respected and where outdoor seating is available. 

6. Stay away from music theaters, amusement parks, and concerts 



While it may be tempting to visit a theater or a park during your trip somewhere new, you should keep in mind that these are high-traffic areas where social distancing is almost impossible. Even if the place promises a half occupancy and social distancing measures, there could still be numerous instances where you could accidentally bump into someone or get stuck in a long line. Instead, try taking solo walks around the park or city, or go sightseeing in a quite area. 

  • Date Published: September 09, 2020
  • Written By:Razan Mneimneh